Caroline’s Priorities


Alaska once had the best schools in the nation. We can have that again. When we focus on education, we know that many of the serious problems we’ve tried to cover up with band-aids are fixed – addiction, crime, under and unemployment all decrease. At the same time, we train a generation of Alaska-grown talent that will drive our economic future.

My Priorities Are:

Universal Pre-K

Attract and retain talented teachers

Improved learning outcomes

Access to vocational training

Access to in-state higher education


The future of our state rests on the health of our economy. We must ensure that Alaska has good paying jobs and that Alaskans can afford to live and work in our communities. We need to attract new businesses and a talented workforce.

My Priorities Are:

Protect and grow the permanent fund

Support small businesses by removing regulatory barriers

Support innovative start ups

Support responsible resource development

Invest in our infrastructure-roads, bridges, ports, airports, and energy

Public Safety

Safe neighborhoods are critical to quality of life in Alaska. We need to ensure that our public safety employees and communities have the tools they need to address public safety issues. Much more attention needs to be focused on addressing the root causes of crime.

My Priorities Are:

Adequately fund police, fire, and emergency services

Attract, train, and retain public safety employees

Fund mental health responders and substance abuse programs

Access to vocational training

Access to in-state higher education


The views of all Alaskans matter, and we have to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. Good solutions require cooperation and compromise. The issues we face as Alaskans aren’t political. The issues we face are about our communities and our livelihoods, which is the prime reason we have to work together. Bipartisan solutions aren’t perfect for everyone, but I won’t let a perfect solution for some derail a good solution for everyone.

I unapologetically

support the

right to choose.