Meet Caroline

Meet Caroline

A committed neighbor

For two decades, Anchorage has been my home. The natural beauty, friendly neighbors, and the unique culture makes me proud to call it home. I am eager to work with you, and all of District 10, to build a more robust future for Alaska.

A successful leader

So much can be accomplished when we build on common ground. I have spent my career as an architect balancing the needs of my clients with their budgets, coordinating the opinions of multiple stakeholders, mitigating obstacles, and resolving conflicting issues. Government is no different. I will set aside party politics and work in a bipartisan fashion to find solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

The reason to run

There is so much more we can do to improve the lives of everyone in our community. We need a robust economy that produces solid jobs, well-equipped police and fire services, safe neighborhoods, and great public schools. These things can only be achieved by electing representatives willing to focus on core, not fringe, issues, and eager to work together to create a flourishing future for everyone.