Caroline Storm

About Caroline

District 10 deserves a representative who will focus on the core issues for its residents: a robust economy that produces solid jobs, safe neighborhoods where police and fire services have the necessary staff and resources, and great public schools.

I am a results-oriented professional who understands how to collaborate, compromise, and deliver on promises. If elected, I will work with my colleagues, no matter their party, to enact the solutions that meet the needs of District 10 and all of Alaska.

Our Priorities

As your representative, I will listen to you. When going door to door, these issues have emerged as District 10’s top priorities.

Resources for essential services

Ensure the state budget funds essential services fairly for all Alaskans

Well-funded schools

Ensure education funding is inflation-proofed and expanded to Pre-K

Safeguard the Permanent Fund

Ensure we protect the Permanent Fund for Future Generations

Defend constitutional rights

Protect Alaskan’s right to privacy and a woman’s right to choose

Invest in workforce development

Ensure in-state access to training programs and post- secondary education to grow and keep jobs in Alaska

Affordable healthcare

Promote price transparency and increase access to healthcare for hardworking families and retirees.

Make A Donation Today

Your generous donation will help ensure we have the funds needed to make Caroline’s campaign successful.

Together we can do better for Alaska. Please rank me first in the ranked-choice general election on November 8th